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Aerospace Professionals Joining Together

By becoming a Friend of SPEEA, aerospace professionals connect with others in the industry who want to improve their workplaces. Aerospace professionals in the Friend of SPEEA network are located in all 50 states, across Canada and in a growing number of countries around the globe.


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Raising Standards for Aerospace Professionals

Working together through their union, aerospace professionals at The Boeing Company, Spirit AeroSystems and Triumph Composite Systems, Inc. raise workplace and industry standards by negotiating better pay, benefits, working conditions and career advancement programs.

Here are just some of the ways members of SPEEA helped raise standards for aerospace professionals across the industry:

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Professional and Career Development

Innovation, ingenuity and problem solving drive the aerospace industry. This requires employees to update, maintain and enhance skills throughout our career. Recognizing this need, SPEEA works with employers and makes continued education a part of contract negotiations. One example is a joint initiative between SPEEA and Boeing called The Ed Wells Partnership that provides training and career development for employees to enhance technical and professional skills through classes, one-on-one career coaching, conference grants, and other resources.

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“With Ed Wells money, I was able to attend a symposium and weeklong antenna course offered by Georgia Tech. I’m now helping bring additional classes and book clubs to my work site in Utah.”

Vernon Hardy, electrical engineer in nuclear effects testing for the U.S. Airforce in Utah

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Advocating for Our Profession

SPEEA-represented employees have a strong voice in the workplace to advocate for customers to design, engineer and deliver the best airplanes in the world. Instead of relying on employers to solicit feedback, SPEEA members have a place at the table with management between negotiations to discuss compensation, benefits and workplace issues that are part of every contract.


“The union is essential to Boeing’s existence. Engineering mistakes can destroy lives and the airline industry. Having an experienced, respected and team-oriented engineering workforce is essential to Boeing’s success. I do not want to fly on an airplane designed by engineers who have to negotiate their own raises and benefits, stepping over other engineers to prove their worth or superiority. Teamwork and willingness to share knowledge is key to our collective success and Boeing’s existence.”

Vedad Mahmulyin, Boeing Engineer of the Year 2015

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Market Leading Salaries and Benefits

SPEEA-represented employees design and engineer the finest aerospace products in the world and use our collective voice to hold our employers accountable. We want to help our companies retain good employees who want to stay and have negotiated contractual guarantees that give employees foresight for years on what their wages and benefits will be.


“Having a union contract creates a minimum for health benefits, so Boeing can give more but cannot give less than the contract. In my last year as a non-union employee at UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS), the company made serious cuts to health benefits, almost doubling the deductible along with other cuts. Without a union contract, I had no guarantee that UTAS wouldn’t continue to make additional cuts.”

Nikolas Geiselman, Boeing structures engineer in Everett, Wash.


When it comes to problems…SPEEA members find solutions

Joining together as a union allows you and your peers to identify common problems and work toward a solution that fits your workplace.


Outside the Workplace

Community Involvement

SPEEA members allocate a portion of their union dues to support science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and community service programs. SPEEA members are active in their communities supporting these and other educational programs to foster the next generation of aerospace professionals.

  • Mentoring school robotics and Olympiad teams

  • Volunteering as judges at STEM competitions

  • Sponsoring booths at career fairs

  • Participating in diversity and inclusion events

  • Serving on vocational advisory boards

Social Opportunities

SPEEA members enjoy opportunities to network and socialize with other aerospace professionals as part of their union, including:

  • Organized lunches and workshops

  • Seminars on financial planning

  • Movie nights and guest speakers

  • Sports solidarity events (i.e. basketball, soccer, hockey games, etc. with SPEEA discounts)

  • Family activities (rock climbing, golf tournaments, parades, 5k races/walks, BBQs)

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