SPEEA members secure clean drinking water


Drinking water at Boeing’s Kent plant was discolored and of questionable quality. Additionally, the company had recently removed bottled water dispensers used by employees at Kent and other Puget Sound locations, which had water concerns.




Forming an ad-hoc committee of SPEEA represented employees, SPEEA called for a meeting with the company to discuss the problem. To help members and address the immediate need for drinkable water, SPEEA purchased and distributed refillable sport bottles and advised members to fill them at home. Continued work on the issue resulted in SPEEA gathering water samples from around the plant and having them independently tested. SPEEA and Boeing then worked jointly to monitor and improve the drinking fountains in Kent and other nearby Boeing facilities. A number of water fountains were replaced, new filters installed on others and employees again had access to clean and clear drinking water.

KentWater-2009 (3).jpg