Frequently Asked Questions

What is a union?

A group of employees who come together to negotiate with their employer over their wages, benefits, and working conditions. The employees are the union—they democratically elect leaders to oversee their union’s affairs and conduct negotiations with their employer.

What is SPEEA?

The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) is a union of 20,000 aerospace professionals employed by The Boeing Company, Spirit Aerosystems, and Triumph Composite Systems. SPEEA is a democratic organization run by and for its members.

Is SPEEA a third party or outside organization?

No, we (SPEEA members) are aerospace employees who joined together to have a legally protected right to work with our employers to improve our workplaces. If you and your colleagues choose to form a union, you call the shots and decide what to negotiate to improve your workplace. Every workplace is unique, and employees are part of finding solutions that work for them.

Do we have a right to form a union?

Yes, federal law protects employees who are exercising their workplace rights to organize and join a union. 

Why do corporations try to convince their employees not to form a union?

Corporations want to have power over their workforces. Corporations know when employees join together to negotiate they are often successful in improving their pay, benefits and working conditions. Most corporations fail to recognize union-represented workforces result in better performing companies. Aerospace professionals represented by SPEEA are able to get a larger piece of the pie, because they collaborate with their colleagues and management to ensure they are rewarded when their work boosts company profits.

How do we form a union where I work?

Aerospace professionals interested in improving their workplace by joining together as a union with their colleagues can learn more about the steps to form a union by contacting SPEEA. Ultimately, employees drive the process by determining priorities, educating co-workers, planning for votes and helping to negotiate a contract. For more information and help with next steps, contact a SPEEA Organizer.

How much are SPEEA's dues?

Dues cover the cost of representing and providing services to the represented employees. This includes contract negotiations, legal services and training for members. Union dues are NOT used to make political donations. Currently, SPEEA members' monthly dues for 2019 are set at 0.85% of the average hourly wage ($48.70).

Can we lose our benefits if we form a union?

When you and your colleagues sit down to negotiate a union contract, you start with your existing pay and benefits and work with your employer to make improvements. The improvements you and your employer agree upon are written into a legally binding contract, meaning they are guaranteed through the life of the contract. Joining together as a union with coworkers is the best way to protect the benefits you have and make workplace gains.