What have SPEEA members done when faced with work moving?


The company is talking about outsourcing work and laying off employees. What have SPEEA members done when faced with work moving?


SPEEA members understand the macroeconomic conditions in the aerospace industry, technological innovations and companies’ desire to cut costs that can sometimes result in outsourcing. SPEEA can’t always stop companies from moving work, but we can have a voice in the process and negotiate language to discourage work movement.

SPEEA successfully negotiated language that guarantees Boeing will find and place members in equivalent jobs in the area rather than laying them off when work is moved.  If after 120 days, the company is unable to find an equivalent job, the impacted member will receive an enhanced layoff benefit of two weeks pay for every year of company service up to 60 weeks pay and six months of continued medical and dental.

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I enjoyed my work as a flight controls lead engineer and airplane de-icing/anti-icing specialist in service engineering. I received good reviews and raises during my 30-year career. As a SPEEA member, I was never fearful of standing up for the customer or safety. After receiving a WARN when my work was moved out of state, the union contract allowed me to double my layoff benefit. That extra 34 weeks of severance pay gave me breathing room to make future plans for myself and my family.
— Joel Hille, retired Boeing Engineer
Katie Barrows