When your pay isn't reflective of what you are worth


Ann Leba, now a SPEEA member, knew she wasn’t earning market-leading wages and was lagging behind in her salary when she worked non-union.  She has four master’s of science degrees, and still wasn’t receiving sufficient pay increases.  


One of the benefits of having union representation is the right to salary and other benefit information from our employers. SPEEA has experts who monitor the data to ensure terms of the contracts are met.

SPEEA uses this data to compile salary charts by major organization, occupation, job family and Skill Management Code (SMC), if more than 25 individuals populate the code. The charts are based on data provided by employers.

Salary charts reflecting raises for the SPEEA-represented employees are used as a tool for SPEEA members to see how their careers are progressing and to help them in conversations with their managers.

Click here to learn more about 2019 summarized salary charts.

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Having salary charts and knowing I had support of my union, I was able to have a conversation with my manager about my salary.  I was able to present facts and data and give them an insight they didn’t seem to have.  We were able to talk about my 5-year plan and how my salary factored in to that.   With those facts and the union behind me, I received my salary adjustment and was able to have a good conversation with my manager.
— Ann Leba, configuration & data management engineer
April Rebollo