What have SPEEA members done to be proactive in relation to layoffs?


Employees wanted to know what skills Boeing might value more in the next 20 years to help inform career decisions of SPEEA-represented employees.


Boeing and SPEEA have chartered the “Everett Roundtable” which is a quarterly forum to enhance and sustain employee/management relations by cooperatively identifying issues and opportunities, promoting improvements, and strategically aligning on key imperatives.  The Everett Roundtable brings together elected workplace SPEEA-representatives, HR and site managers. 

SPEEA leaders brought the concern about future skills to the Everett Roundtable and were successful in having a conversation with management to ascertain what skills Boeing values over the next 20 years.  Working with Ed Wells Partnership, management was then able to help employees obtain and/or hone their skills to be able to find jobs easier in the face of layoffs and some were able to avoid being laid off.

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Being involved as a SPEEA representative on the Everett Roundtable, I have direct access to executives and can bring concerns and opportunities to improve working conditions and know that I will be heard.
— Greg Chandra, Boeing senior integration engineer