Close to retirement and have BCERP? Watch a webinar highlighting potential lump sum benefit reductions

October 2018

If you are an ex-SPEEA member with Boeing Company Employee Retirement Plan (BCERP) benefits and retirement eligible before Dec. 1, 2018, changes to the lump-sum payout option may impact when you choose to retire.

Because of increased interest rates, changes to the benefits associated with the lump sum commencement option are expected in 2019.

If you are retirement eligible and interested in the BCERP lump sum commencement option, SPEEA Senior Director of Compensation and Retirement Matt Kempf hosted webinars highlighting how increased segment interest rates will drastically cut lump-sum payments. 

These webinars were sponsored by the Friend of SPEEA network, which is dedicated to keeping non-union aerospace professionals connected. The webinar was recorded and is available for viewing.