Steps to a meaningful voice at Seal Beach

Identify changes we want to make in our workplace

Boeing employees at Seal Beach are talking to each other about changes we want to make in our workplace. We know from talking across floors and groups that most of the improvements and issues are above the pay grade of our first level managers. To get the attention of Boeing’s decision-makers we need to collectively raise our issues. That is why we are forming a union at Seal Beach.

It is great Boeing is now starting to address some of our longstanding issues that impact our work at Seal Beach; such as under-staffing and giving out overdue and out of sequence raises. Now is the time to keep talking about our issues and solutions AND work to secure improvements in a professional, legally-binding union contract. This will lock in improvements and ensure they cannot be changed without employee input in the future.

We, the employees control the pace of our effort. Your participation is critical to our success. We encourage you to take our survey on workplace issues and ask your peers to take the survey today. The survey results will be the first step in our speaking with a stronger, collective voice.

Unite support for our union at Seal Beach

We encourage our peers to learn more about the difference a union can make. Read the FAQ on this website and examples of how SPEEA members have solved workplace problems. Return to the site frequently as new questions and answers will be added. We encourage you to talk to your peers and get the facts. We’ve already heard some misinformation. Connect with us and let us know what your questions are.

In order to move towards a union election, a strong majority of employees will need to sign a union card or petition stating an intent to vote “YES” in a union election. We can then file for an election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). A vote by secret ballot is then scheduled and administered by the NLRB. A simple majority voting YES (50% + 1) of votes cast, creates our union bargaining unit and gives us a seat at the table.

Negotiate our contract

If a majority of employees vote to be union, we can begin to take our experiences and ideas for solutions to the bargaining table.

Negotiating a contract is a participatory, democratic process — every one of us has a role to play.

Employees elect a team of co-workers from across Seal Beach to represent us in negotiations with management. Our team puts together a bargaining proposal based on input from surveys and meetings with employees.

The bargaining team — with support from legal and negotiating experts from SPEEA — meets with Boeing leadership to reach an agreement on the solutions.

We, the union members, would then have the final say. Once we reach a tentative agreement with Boeing leadership, we have a chance to review it and ask questions. Then we hold a vote — no contract can be accepted unless a majority of our co-workers vote to approve it.

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