Bonuses for SPEEA members who volunteer for 737 Max Temporary Jobs


SPEEA-represented employees who take a temporary assignment in Moses Lake as part of the return to service of the 737 MAX will be in line to receive “completion bonuses” of 10% to 20%, as outlined in a recently negotiated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The bonuses were negotiated with Boeing by the member-elected SPEEA Executive Board which serves as the negotiation team outside of full contract negotiations.

“It’s encouraging the company recognizes the need for the experience and expertise in our members to return the MAX to service,” said SPEEA President Joel Funfar. “Given the extended time members will be away from family, these bonuses are appropriate.”

The date for the 737 MAX’s return is still unknown. However, Boeing has publicly announced that preparing the idle aircraft to return to service will require temporarily assigning some SPEEA-represented employees to Moses Lake. The company also plans to hire some temporary employees for the work at Moses Lake. Boeing is currently parking aircraft at Moses Lake and plans to use the facility for work needed to return the 737 MAX to customers.

Bonuses will be paid to employees who complete 6-month assignments as part of the 737 MAX work. A 10% bonus will be paid after six months. An additional 15% bonus is paid during months 7 through 12 and 20% after 18 months.

Boeing has not yet announced what SPEEA job codes will be needed in Moses Lake. When the jobs are announced, interested bargaining unit members will need to volunteer and be accepted for the assignments.

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