Overtime Pay - NO Contract = NO Guarantees

Overtime (OT) work without overtime pay is a consistently cited concern at Seal Beach. The formation of CREATE spurred Boeing to change its policy. Without a contract, there is no guarantee Boeing won’t change the policy again.


Boeing claimed “competitiveness” was why they cut OT pay in 2016. Now, Boeing says “competitiveness” is why it’s bringing back OT pay in 2019.

Both decisions about OT pay were made behind closed doors and without our input. Both decisions raise more questions. Without a contract there are no guarantees.

Our peers are asking:

  • What are the terms of the new OT policy? 

  • Will the terms change?

  • What about retroactive pay?

CREATE believes employees should receive retroactive pay.

Boeing didn’t share data calling for OT cuts in 2016 and gives no guarantee it won’t cut OT pay again. A contract provides transparency, consistency and a voice in our wages, benefits and working conditions.

Click here to sign an authorization card today to secure our overtime pay in a contract!


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Watch our video highlighting our meeting with Rudy Duran where we discussed retroactive pay for OT.

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