Letter to Our Peers - We Have Increased Our Potential to Make Positive Change

To download the flyer, click  here  or on the image.

To download the flyer, click here or on the image.

Dear Seal Beach Co-Workers,

By coming together collectively, we have increased our potential to make positive changes.

As proof, since we launched CREATE, Boeing has:

  • Re-instated the overtime premium rate of straight pay + $6.50

  • Promised minimal changes to our health care plans/costs in 2020

  • Provided a 2% salary adjustment for some - not all

  • Indicated management re-structuring is complete

  • Provided some flexibility around work schedules for some – not all

  • Released a video stating Customer Support work is staying at Seal Beach

  • Promised to help with career development and managing student debt

  • Increased management visibility, including roundtable discussions

These changes tie directly to us having conversations with hundreds of our peers on their top concerns.

What we want

We want Boeing to succeed. We also want Boeing to respect and embrace our skills, experience and input.  Our priority is to have a voice in our workplace and negotiate a contract. We want to improve morale by solving workplace issues together and knowing where we stand in terms of benefits, compensation, job security and working conditions.

We need a contract to guarantee changes

While these promises are steps in the right direction, more is needed. We had no input, and we have nothing to guarantee these promises will not change. Boeing made these changes only after we showed a high level of interest in uniting as our union, CREATE. Without a contract, we know there are no guarantees. 

Let’s work together!

Our union, CREATE, was started by us, the employees of Seal Beach. CREATE is growing, with more Seal Beach co-workers signing confidential authorization cards every day. For those who have taken our survey and signed an authorization card, we thank you. We encourage you to stay involved and continue to build our union.

Let’s keep building our union. Please click to add your input to our confidential survey and sign a confidential authorization card online.

Together, we are creating a better future.

 In unity,

California Region Engineers & Technical Employees (CREATE)

To download this letter as a pdf file, click here.

To view a copy of management’s letter, click here.