CREATE survey shows low workplace morale and high level of interest for a voice at work


Recent results from CREATE survey


More than 50% of the professional workforce responding to the ongoing CREATE survey rate workplace morale as poor or awful at Seal Beach.

Pressure to do more work with fewer resources and constant changes creating a chaotic workplace are among the major factors impacting morale, according to respondents.

Written comments show a high level of interest in forming our union.  Many employees stated that while they individually talk to managers about ways to improve morale, very little or nothing is done to change underlying issues resulting in low morale.  

Positive change is within reach!

Survey results were shared at two recent informational meetings. Attendees agreed positive change was best possible by employees joining together and forming a union.

With a stronger voice, we can gain a meaningful say in our working conditions, wages and benefits. That will help improve morale! 

A negotiated, legally binding contract will provide the stability we need for a more secure future. With a unified, stronger voice, we can work together to enact the changes needed – making Seal Beach better for us and better for Boeing!  

The next step to forming our union is for employees to sign an authorization card.

Signing a card means you support forming a union at Seal Beach and intend to vote YES in a union election. Cards are confidential and will not be shared with Boeing.  

 Sign an authorization card today!