A letter to our Co-Workers: Why We Are Coming Together in Union


Hello Seal Beach Co-Workers,

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As professional aerospace employees, we take great pride in our work at The Boeing Company. We are getting organized and want you to work with us to create an even better workplace, one that is inclusive and supportive of all employees.

The past few years brought erosion of benefits, compensation and opportunities as management made decisions without regard to the feedback we’ve thoughtfully given. We collaborate with candor and honesty, and in return receive:

  • Work moving out of Seal Beach

  • Health care costs increasing dramatically

  • Rules requiring four hours of free work before earning overtime pay

  • Performance management and professional development relegated to a management afterthought

That is why we are forming a union at Seal Beach. We want Boeing to succeed and we want to take part in that success, not just as shareholders, but as stakeholders. As professional aerospace employees, we deserve a seat at the table in decisions affecting our pay, benefits and working conditions.  We can better embrace the ‘Boeing Behaviors’ with a collective voice.  

To assist with these efforts, we reached out to the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA), the largest professional aerospace union in the United States.

Our group is growing in strength and numbers each day. Your support is needed. Visit www.friendofspeea.org to learn more about our group, your rights to form a union, and how we can secure a real voice at work.  Use your personal PC, tablet or phone to take a short confidential survey about workplace issues during non-work time in a non-work area. Your voice and ideas are crucial to our success.

In unity,

California Region Engineers & Technical Employees (CREATE)

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