Rising Cost of Health Benefits

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How much is too much?

Professional aerospace employees in SoCal will pay up to $5,163 more in 2019 for medical and dental coverage than in 2016, an increase of 298%.

Since Boeing is self-insured, that money, along with premiums from all non-union employees, stayed in the company’s bank account.

How much?

Boeing’s 100,000 non-union employees will pay an estimated $415 million in medical premiums to Boeing in 2019.

Without a union, how do we keep from paying even more in 2020...2021...2022...?


Information from Boeing investor relations website and the 2019 Boeing Health and Insurance “paycheck contribution calculator” website.

 With a union we will have a united voice working to keep our costs down!

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If you are an aerospace employee at Boeing in SoCal and haven’t yet made you voice heard by taking CREATE’s survey, you can do it here.