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Join us and CREATE a better future at Boeing

Hundreds of Seal Beach professionals have come together to take action about workplace concerns. Among the most pressing issues are working overtime for free, work moving outside of Seal Beach, lack of professional development opportunities and the rising costs of health care.

Forming your union, CREATE, will allow you to have a seat at the table where decisions are made. Together, we can negotiate a professional contract that gives voice to our concerns, ideas and solutions.

Sign an authorization card and be part of creating your union!


What does signing a union authorization card mean?

  • Your signature means you support forming a union at Seal Beach and intend to vote YES in a union election.

  • When a strong majority of employees submit authorization cards, we will petition the NLRB to hold a formal union election.

  • Your card is CONFIDENTIAL and will NOT be shared with The Boeing Company.

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