Our Time Matters - Boeing Changed Our OT Policy Without Our Input


That leaves most of us with:

  • A 10% pay cut by requiring us to work at least four hours for free

  • Inconsistent flexing policies

  • Impacts to our work/life balance

  • Higher stress levels and lower morale in our workplace

Non-union professionals have suffered a major takeaway.

Did you know?

  • All OT hours paid - Despite Boeing’s claims it cannot afford to pay overtime, SPEEA-represented professionals at Boeing are guaranteed overtime pay for all hours worked because they have a contract.

  • OT rate increase - Due to recent SPEEA negotiations with Spirit AeroSystems in Kansas, SPEEA professionals’ overtime rate of pay increased to time +$8.50/hr.

Our Voice, Our Union

With our union, CREATE, we seek a professional contract to allow us a voice in our working conditions, wages, including overtime, and benefits. We stand for fairness, transparency and consistency.

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