SPEEA Members Vote to Support CREATE


March 14, 2019

SPEEA Council delegates in Tukwila, Wash., Everett, Wash., and Wichita, Kan. voted unanimously for a motion to support California Region Engineers and Technical Employees (CREATE) working to form a union at Boeing in Seal Beach, Calif.

The motion read:

The SPEEA Council, representing all SPEEA members nationwide, wholeheartedly supports the CREATE organizing campaign in Seal Beach, California.  Your fight is our fight!


Employees from Seal Beach called into the meeting to talk about their efforts. The votes for the motion at each of the respective sites were met with enthusiastic clapping and cheers.


“We are super excited for the engineers in California to form their union and join the ranks of SPEEA. We’re behind them 100 percent,” said Boeing employee and SPEEA member Daniel Peters.

“We here in the Puget Sound are proud to support our brothers and sisters down in Southern California. Go union,” said Boeing employee and SPEEA member Ron Duprau.

Learn more about CREATE here.

CREATEKatie Barrows