What Happened Over the Summer?

CREATE Organizing Update


Aerospace Professionals unanimously support CREATE


SPEEA’s annual Convention and Leadership Conference in June brought together more than 100 member-elected leaders for training and discussions regarding union priorities. Current and former Seal Beach employees addressed the convention, expressing their concern about issues and the need for union representation in Seal Beach.

SoCal FAA designees provide feedback through CREATE-SPEEA

An advisory committee at the Department of Transportation asked SPEEA to help familiarize committee members with the workplace perspective on airplane certification. SPEEA conducted a series of interviews in SoCal and the Northwest to hear our experiences with airplane certification and to consider ways it could be improved. We will use the results of these interviews in our discussion with the Advisory Committee in October

CREATE celebrates Labor Day at the Santa Ana Zoo

CREATE supporters, their friends and families joined 15 other local unions to celebrate Labor Day at the Santa Ana Zoo. CREATE was one of the sponsors of the event organized by the Orange County Labor Federation.

Nearly 1,000 union members and supporters enjoyed free admission to the zoo. CREATE volunteers greeted attendees and distributed balsa wood airplanes and talked to the community about our organizing effort. It was a day of games, raffles, food, and fun!


Setting the Record Straight

The meeting with Boeing Seal Beach V.P. Rudy Duran

After our efforts to distribute information to co-workers were twice disrupted by Boeing security, CREATE supporters sought a meeting with new site leader, Customer Support Vice President Rudy Duran.

We decided to request a meeting with Rudy Duran to:

  • Discuss our federal right to distribute literature.

  • Ask for backpay for OT worked since the EWW change.

  • Call off the Boeing anti-union campaign.

The meeting with V.P. Duran was cordial and informative. However, confusion about what took place resulted after employees received a Boeing email about the meeting from Duran. The email said Duran was caught “off guard” when our group arrived. Our account of what took place is very different.

Agreed to meet and discuss employee concerns
“We initially asked Rudy Duran for a meeting after an All Hands Meeting. We said we are members of CREATE and had concerns that security violated our rights to distribute CREATE literature in compliance with federal law and company rules. We asked for a meeting to follow up on this concern. He agreed to meet.”
Randall Morgan, Modification Project Tech Specialist, Bldg 81.1

Meeting rescheduled
“Rudy said to contact his secretary to schedule a 30-minute session, which I did. Even though he canceled the meeting twice and rescheduled, we eventually met.”
Joseph Nguyen, ICA SME, Bldg 80.3

Respect and professionalism
“Arriving at the meeting, Rudy said he was not expecting so many people. I told him some of us could leave, and that he could meet with as many of us as he wanted. He agreed to meet with the five of us.”
David Schroeder, Customer Support Engineer, Bldg 80.5

Reaffirmed our rights to leaflet co-workers
“Since we were not on work time or in a work area, we knew having security stop us leafleting was a violation of our rights under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). We wanted to be sure Rudy knew this. The meeting was professional and non-confrontational by all who attended.”
Judy Tran, Service Engineer, Bldg. 81.3

Our Efforts Continue

CREATE is making progress toward gaining a stronger voice at Seal Beach. While we are still awaiting a response regarding overtime backpay since the changes, our efforts have:

  • Opened a line of communication with site leadership.

  • Reaffirmed our right to distribute information.

  • Learned the company will continue to oppose employees’ union efforts. This came in a follow up from V.P. Duran: “The Company will continue to oppose any effort to form a union here. It is unnecessary. Our team has a voice.”


Pictured: Luz Angel, Paul Moehlman, David Schroeder

Who attended:  CREATE advocates who met with Rudy Duran in June, from left, John Williams, Randy Morgan, David Schroeder, Joseph Nguyen, Judy Tran and Ryan Hinds (Hinds did not attend the meeting).   Click    here    to see our video about the meeting.

Who attended: CREATE advocates who met with Rudy Duran in June, from left, John Williams, Randy Morgan, David Schroeder, Joseph Nguyen, Judy Tran and Ryan Hinds (Hinds did not attend the meeting).

Click here to see our video about the meeting.

Expressed concern about Boeing’s anti-union campaign
“During our quick conversation, I personally quoted to him from the signs around campus that are false. Calling the anti-union materials "misleading" is too polite. He said he hadn't read them, and there hadn't been anything like that at his other sites. He said he'd look at them and see what he could do.”
John Williams, Environmental Remediation
Engineer/Scientist, Bldg 80.4

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