What are union dues used for?

Dues pay for all aspects of union operations. These include contract negotiations, representation, training, legal fees, communications and a wide range of member support services and activities.

Union dues allow SPEEA to advocate on behalf of members and assist individuals with problems involving medical coverage, retirement, promotions and career advancement.

Help navigating health care and insurance benefits is a frequent member request.

SPEEA discovered a mistake in the health insurance rate for 55 members on medical leave of absence. Working the issue, SPEEA had the error corrected and the effected employees were reimbursed for the overpayments.


Union dues pay for:

  • Negotiations
  • Contract enforcement
  • Benefit assistance
  • Organizing
  • Legal services
  • Communications
  • Member workshops and trainings
  • Union halls
  • Professional staff

Union dues help pay for the expenses of having a voice in the workplace. Negotiating and enforcing our contracts are our No. 1 expenses. The budget is published so members can see it. The Executive Board – which sets the budget and approves expenses – are our co-workers who are elected to office directly by members. It’s all in the open.
— James Raskob, Mechanical System Design Engineer, Boeing, Everett Modification Center (EMC)