Vedad Mahmulyin - Boeing Engineer of the Year 2015 & SPEEA member

The union is essential to Boeing’s existence. Airplanes are not cars or software. Engineering mistakes can destroy life and the airline industry. Having an experienced, respected and team-oriented engineering workforce is essential to Boeing’s success. I do not want to fly on an airplane designed by engineers who have to negotiate their own raises and benefits, stepping over other engineers to prove their worth or superiority. Teamwork and willingness to share knowledge is key to our collective success and Boeing’s existence.

Nikolas Geiselman
Structures Engineer & SPEEA Young Member Committee member

Having a union contract creates a minimum for health benefits, so Boeing can give more but cannot give less than the contract.  At my last year at UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS), the company made serious cuts to health benefits, almost doubling the deductible along with other cuts.   I had no guarantee that the company would not take away or cut health care benefits from year to year because I was working at UTAS without a union contract. 

A meaningful voice when it comes to

  • Promoting safety, quality and customer issues.

  • Partnering to make our employers successful

             without jeopardizing workers’ rights.​

  • Raising the floor and improving protections for

             ALL aerospace employees.

​​​​Democracy in the workplace

  • Negotiating market leading wages, preserves and guarantees overtime pay and related working conditions in the industry.

  • Employees have a direct say in:

    • ​Benefits and Compensation

    • Working Conditions

    • Relationship with Employer​

    • Workforce decisions​​

Speea Member

SPEEA members mentor for local Robotics teams.  This team is from Spokane, WA

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Community Involvement

  • Supporting education programs to foster the next generation of aerospace workers.

Promoting professional development 

  • Partnering with companies like Boeing to create one of the most dynamic ongoing education programs in the industry.