Nick Genet, a senior tech analyst at Boeing, is a voice for technical workers on the policy board of Ed Wells Partnership, a SPEEA-Boeing negotiated effort to provide training and workforce development.

Nick benefits from this contractual right in many ways. For example, funds from the Ed Wells Partnership allowed him to attend training in Southern California on gas turbine accident investigations. Now he is certified for technical support in case of a related accident for his work in propulsion safety.

At a recent ceremony where he was recognized for his Boeing 10-year anniversary, he acknowledged a number of people in the room who helped grow his career (from level one to level five). When he shared remarks, he specifically thanked the mentors he saw. “Then I said (to the executives) – your best resource is us and you need to take care of it.”

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Continuing Education

Ed Wells Partnership (EWP)

Named after one of the great Boeing engineers, the EWP is a model of union/management collaboration. 

A contractual guarantee of roughly $7.5 million dollars per year funds the program which provides training and career development for SPEEA represented employees to enhance their technical and professional skills through a wide offering of classes. In addition, the EWP provides online learning and Boeing Education Network (BEN) “live” training, which are available later on-demand. There are also conference grants, one-on-one career coaching, and other career development resources. 

The availability of ongoing training is important and necessary for aerospace professionals to maintain top skills and career advancement. SPEEA has successfully negotiated a number of training and career programs to ensure members have the opportunity to maintain and gain new skills. One example is the Ed Wells Partnership (EWP).

Frequently SPEEA members are also instructors and presenters on various topics identified as needed by the membership.  Members are also selected to participate in program and curriculum development.