SPEEA hosted a panel discussion event at the Museum of Flight in Seattle in May around the legislative effort to enact paid family and medical leave. About 100 members and their families engaged with a panel of speakers including a Washington State senator and House representative.  The bills call for compensation (drawn from a pooled fund) for the following:

• Personal health condition

• A family member with a health condition

• Child birth, adoption or foster parenting

Daniel Peters is an elected member on the new hire committee active in this work and sees that by pushing on a legislative front, SPEEA can support more workers. “It’s not just for ourselves, it’s for the community as well,” he said. “If the bill becomes law, all workers benefit.” 

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Boeing Pilots ratify a new contract 

Outsourcing clause triggers action, success

Not union?  Want to stay connected to other aerospace professionals? 

Spirit AeroSystems announced plans to outsource its Supply Chain Management (SCM) team just before the winter break. SPEEA’s contract with Spirit has a clause to postpone outsourcing by 60 days to come up with alternative solutions. SPEEA staff worked with Council Rep Wes Gardner, whose job was also going to be outsourced, to recruit others to help come up with solutions. “Had it not been for the 60-day clause in our SPEEA contract, they would have walked us out on day one,” Gardner said. 

“It bought time to work out other options. People need to realize, if it wasn’t for the union and the clause in our contract, we would have all been gone.” Lori Roberts is another procurement agent who joined SPEEA at the time she signed up for the outsourcing alternatives team. “I never thought that I needed it (a union) until this happened,” she said. “We would have no voice (otherwise). They would have just gotten rid of us.” 

 While Spirit is still reviewing the proposal, an agreement was reached that protects 85 Wichita Technical and Professional Unit (WTPU)-represented jobs. A new Letter of Understanding (LOU), signed by SPEEA and Spirit, makes the agreement part of the Wichita Engineering Unit (WEU) and Wichita Technical and Professional Unit (WTPU) contracts.

WICHITA – Linda Crownover didn’t join SPEEA as a member until her job was on the line. Then, she not only joined SPEEA’s Wichita Technical and Professional Unit (WTPU), she signed up for the seven-member team that saved 85 supply chain management jobs.

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SPEEA members support improvements to paid family and medical leave

WICHITA, KS – Prompted by an initial investigation by SPEEA, 24 older employees terminated by Spirit AeroSystems in July 2013 filed a major age discrimination class action suit July 11 in U.S. District Court.

SPEEA members are shown here meeting with board members and the CEO of Spirit Aerosystems.

SPEEA members who work at Boeing and Spirit Aerosystems recently addressed members of the board of directors at The Boeing Company and Spirit AeroSystems. At the meetings, SPEEA leaders acknowledged successes from partnering with the respective companies but also raised concerns during the comment sections of the meetings about workplace issues, such as the impact of continued layoffs and outsourcing at both companies. 

AARP Foundation Litigation joins age-discrimination case

February 2017--Boeing Instructor, Safety and Technical pilots represented by the SPEEA Pilo/Instructor unit (SPIU) overwhelmingly approved a three-year contract.  

Key elements of the new contract include a $5,000 retention bonus, an average 5% raise and changes to health and insurance coverage in 2018 that will have the pilots in plans that mirror the SPEEA Professional Unit plans. Pension accrual for eligible pilots continues through December 2018. 

News and updates

The plaintiffs, members of SPEEA, filed a lawsuit on behalf of themselves and hundreds of older employees laid off in 2013.

The group’s legal team now includes attorneys from AARP Foundation Litigation (AFL), a Washington D.C.-based component of the AARP Foundation, the charitable arm of the nationwide older-people’s organization, AARP.

Cases like this can take time and we will keep this article updated as we get new information.

SPEEA members meet Shareholder board members

Additional items in the agreement include letters of understandings (LOUs) that address employment security, improving access to flight and to courses provided by the joint SPEEA/Boeing Ed Wells Partnership.