The Everett Roundtable brings together Council Reps, Human Resource Generalists (HRG) and site leadership in an effort to increase communication and cooperation. Shown here standing are SPEEA worksite representatives during a discussion on how they help members. Topics for the roundtable include presentations from both groups on a range of issues.

​Seattle Corridor Partnership SPEEA members pictured here shared a list of questions related to the work transfer from Kent to the Developmental Center (DC) prior to the full meeting with management. The Boeing team addressed those questions in a presentation.

A Meaningful Voice

SPEEA has negotiated avenues to collaborate on issues occurring in between formal negotiations and the willingness to collaborate for a better workplace. SPEEA members and management meet regularly to discuss  compensation, benefits and workforce issues.  Additionally, members and management within individual programs and worksites have established regular partnership meetings to discuss issues, share ideas and work together.

SPEEA Representatives regularly meet with Spirit CEO

  • Boeing Prof and Tech – The SPEEA contracts call for three joint committees with management: Benefits, Compensation and Workforce, with members appointed to two year terms.
  • Triumph Composite Systems in Spokane, Wash., SPEEA representatives meet biweekly with Spokane site leaders along.

Not union?  Want to stay connected to other aerospace professionals?  

  • Boeing Pilot/Instructors bargaining unit--The Labor Management Committee meets to discuss issues. 
  • Spirit AeroSystems – The Wichita Engineering Unit members represent their bargaining unit on the Joint Collaboration Committee. The Wichita Technical and Professional Unit (WTPU), members serve on the Joint Oversight Committee.

Auburn Leadership Team consists of Auburn worksite representatives whose job it is to  talk with SPEEA members about questions or concerns.  They meet monthly with local management to find solutions to take back to SPEEA members. 

Examples of partnership at work

Other opportunities for SPEEA members to be heard:

Spirit AeroSystems CEO Tom Gentile invites SPEEA's elected worksite representatives to quarterly 'Town Hall' meetings as an opportunity  to discuss and address workplace concerns. The town hall idea grew from SPEEA officers attending the annual Spirit Shareholders meeting in April 2016.

“This is one of the benefits of being a member of SPEEA,” said elected worksite SPEEA representative Mark Gayer. “We sit down and have real conversations with the CEO.”​​