SPEEA engineers and technical employees voted to accept six-year contract agreements with The Boeing Company that ensure continued market-leading salaries, retirement benefit growth and a choice of comprehensive medical plans, including a no-premium plan. 

While the majority of workers are at Boeing facilities in the Puget Sound region, the contracts also cover workers in Oregon, Utah, California and Florida.

Negotiated Achievements 

​​Market-leading wages:   

​SPEEA consistently negotiates market-leading wages and guaranteed salary improvements.

SPEEA members believe salaries should be based on a combination of performance metrics and guaranteed wage increases. The union regularly holds classes for workplace representatives so  they can help members get the most from the performance review processes used by employers.


Health & Retirement Benefits: 

Affordable health care benefits are essential for working families. SPEEA benefit experts investigate medical plans and members' concerns to ensure negotiated plans have options to meet a variety of needs. In most cases, options include a medical plan free from premium contributions.

SPEEA has successfully negotiated retirement benefits that ensure continued growth and focus on providing represented employees a sound retirement benefit.

Overtime Compensation for Professionals: 

​The vast majority of SPEEA-represented employees have compensation benefits superior to what federal law requires. For example - SPEEA engineers working for Boeing who are not eligible for overtime under federal law receive overtime at the rate of straight time + $6.50 for all hours compensated over 80 hours in a pay- period. They have also have other unique benefits, including restrictions on mandatory overtime that help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.



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Shift Premiums/Alternate Work Schedules:

SPEEA originated alternate work schedules to include incentives (weekend rate, schedule factor, and shift percentage).  The concept was later adopted by Boeing and implemented throughout the company. However, only SPEEA-represented employees have protections against overtime abuse, including preventing management from forcing employees to work weekend schedules or from flexing their time to accommodate partial-day absences

Member Priorities 
Employee surveys, group meetings and direct feedback from members is used by SPEEA to determine the priorities in each bargaining unit. The input ensures each negotiated contract reflects and is responsive to the represented employees within the bargaining unit.

Job Security:

With continuing efforts over the years SPEEA has secured contract provisions that enhance job security for members in the workplace. While every contract and employer is different, examples of these protections include:

  • Commitments by companies to meet regularly with SPEEA to discuss topics related to contract labor, programs and plans related to the outsourcing or transfering work. 
  • Contract language that requires the release of outside contract labor in the same skill before SPEEA members can be laid off.
  • Requirements that performance ratings be assigned to workers each year allowing employees to know where they are in a potential layoff sequence.
  • Added consideration against layoff for workers who have been with the company for 10 and 20 years.
  • The ability to maintain a right to be recalled back to work for 3 years following a layoff.

Democracy in the workplace 

In 2014, 484 current and former SPEEA-represented employees received an award of $47 million when an arbitrator ruled The Boeing Company had denied them the benefits of their SPEEA contract.

The arbitrator awarded backpay, pension contributions, medical benefits, retroactive salary increases and interest. Dennis Lathrop, an awardee can now enjoy retirement: “This went in the bank, and gave me peace of mind.”

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Boeing Professional and Technical Employees in WA, OR, CA, FL & UT have a contract with guarantees until Oct. 6, 2022

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The difference a contract can make: Boeing Palmdale employees share $47 million award

Member Directed Union

SPEEA members pride themselves on being a part of a democratically run labor union. Members elect interested co-workers to serve as their workplace representative on Regional Councils. Members also elect union officers and vice presidents who serve on the seven-member Executive Board which oversees SPEEA operations.

Every SPEEA member has the opportunity and is encouraged to participate on one or more of the many union committees that focus on specific issues and interests for aerospace professionals. These committees include Legislative and Public Affairs, Diversity, Membership Activities, Womens' Advocacy, Young Members', Governing Documents and many more. Opportunities for involvement are limited only by an individual member's energy and willingness to get involved!